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CFPLogoImagine walking into a vet hospital and hearing only the sounds of friendly people and of course loud PURRING (courtesy of the 5 resident hospital cats). What's missing?


Experience the difference between the run of the mill animal hospital and a practice that is devoted only to our feline friends and their well being.
The Physical examination is the most important aspect of the veterinary visit. A thorough physical exam and history will help the Veterinarian direct your kitty's medical and surgical treatment and can greatly affect the outcome of a complicated health problem.

At the Scaredy Cat Hospital we allow extra time for medical appointments. In addition to a two tiered history interview, one by a veterinary assistant which is than elaborated on by a staff doctor, each patient receives a complete eye exam including a retina evaluation.
A complete in house lab is available for stat results including:

  • Blood Chemistry and Cell count
  • Thyroid testing
  • In house Ultrasound
  • In house Endoscopy
  • Blood sugar and feline diabetes management

Cat friendly medications are readily available right here in our in hospital compounding pharmacy including:

  • Flavored liquid medications
  • Flavored chewable medication
  • Transdermal (in the ear) medications


digital x rayDigital_dental_x_raysDestructive_behavior_treatmentCold_laser_therapy_for_pain_and_arthritis

Dr. Jonathan Grant
The Scaredy Cat Hospital | 480-990-2287

10618 N 71 Place
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