How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Dental Disease Is A Real Threat To Your Cat’s Health…

Unhealthy teeth and gums can TRIPLE your kitty’s chance of getting heart, kidney, and liver disease.

(Read more about the dangers of not taking care of your cat’s teeth in our blog post, “Dental Disease In Cats: A Deadly (But Preventable) Threat” for more information.)

This is why preventing dental disease is key.

In this short blog post, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to brush your kitty’s teeth so that you can keep her healthy and happy.

Here’s How To Brush Kitty’s Pearly Whites In 5 Easy Steps

These simple steps can prevent dangerous, life-threatening, and costly diseases, potentially lengthening your cat's life, and definitely making your cat healthier and happier.

Some cats take to brushing right away (especially if you start young).

But for cats who need to get used to the process, follow these steps.

Follow These Steps To Get Your Kitty Used To Brushing. (Be Patient!)

STEP 1 — Get kitty used to having you put things in her mouth

First, have your cat get used to you putting your finger in her mouth.

Dip your finger in a liquid your cat likes, such as tuna water or chicken broth.

Let your cat lick the liquid off your finger, while talking to her in a happy, soothing voice.

Then, rub your finger gently over your cat's gums and teeth so she gets used to the feeling.

After a few sessions, your kitty will actually start to look forward to this.

If you want to sweeten the deal, give him a cat treat afterward!

Step 2 — Get kitty used to a “brushing Motion” in her mouth

The next step is to start placing gauze around your finger. (You can still dip in tuna water or chicken broth for flavor.)

Now you’re going to gently rub the teeth in a circular motion with your finger (covered in the gauze).

You’ll do this for a few sessions, so that she can get comfortable with a foreign object in her mouth.

Don’t forget to praise her and speak soothingly.

Step 3 — Prepare your cat for the feeling of a brush in her mouth

At this point, we’re ready to start with a (cat-sized!) toothbrush, finger brush, or dental sponge.

(Don’t know what to get? Call us or come in; we can provide you what you’ll need.)

The idea here is to get your cat used to the consistency of these items, especially the bristles on a brush.

The best way to do that is to let your cat lick something tasty off of the brush or pad.

Step 4 — Add In The (CAT) Toothpaste

Once your cat is used to the toothbrush, dental sponge, or finger brush, you can add the toothpaste (or rinse).

IMPORTANT: Never use human toothpaste on your cat; it can make her sick.

Kitty toothpaste comes in a variety of cat-friendly flavors, so find one she likes the taste of.

You’ll want to get your cat used to the flavor and consistency of the toothpaste by allowing her to lick some off your finger.

Then you can try applying some to your kitty’s gumline with your finger. Do this for a few days until she is used to it.

Keep praising her for doing such a good job!

Step 5 — Now You’re Ready To Brush!

At this point, your cat should be used to the brush or sponge, as well as the toothpaste.

Now you are ready to start brushing!

Be sure to talk soothingly to him, and praise him.

At first, you may just want to brush one or both upper canine teeth (the large ones in the front of the mouth). These are easiest to get to and will give you lots of practice.

Brush in a gentle, circular motion, on the tooth and near the gumline. Focus on the outside of the teeth (you don’t need to do the inner side).

Always praise your cat when you are done!

Still Not Sure? Want A Lesson On How To Brush Kitty’s Teeth?

Here at the Scaredy Cat Hospital, we take a very close look at your kitty's teeth and gums during each and every exam.

We'll check for bad breath, unhealthy gums, and broken teeth, and plaque -- all signs of a dental problem.

And — we’re happy to give you a lesson on how to brush your cat’s teeth. Just ask!

Ready To come learn how to brush kitty’s teeth? 

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