Connect with Our Customer Portals


This is the widget for your portal.  I think it looks terrible (doesn't match the site!) . . .

Instead, why can't I just put a button on here??  (Check it -- it goes to the same place, and looks much better, too!)  ;)

Also, please go look at the "Forms" section. . .I also replicated ALL the forms (including "request an appointment" form), just like on the old site.  They will go directly to your Gmail.

The question for you is this:  Which is easier for YOU??  The portal link is fine, but are you able to capture all the info you want/need?  Also, do you really want to drive them away from your site?

With the form embedded right in your site in the Forms section, you can modify the info you get any time.  

It's really up to you. . . I'm happy to discuss/advise.  Let me know your thoughts.